iPhone 14 horizontal lines upon waking? Fix coming in iOS 16.3

iphone 14 horizontal lines upon waking

Name of Post: iphone 14 horizontal lines upon waking
Post Date / Update:  19th January 2023 | 3:35 AM
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iPhone 14 showing horizontal lines across the screen when waking from sleep or starting up, Apple says you can rest easy: It’s not a hardware issue. The glitch – which mostly or exclusively appears to affect the iPhone 14 Pro Max – is apparently a software issue, so it’s just a question of waiting for an iOS update to fix it.

iphone 14 horizontal lines upon waking. “I got the same issue. But I noticed it occurs more often when you watch videos before your screen turns off. So when you wake up it later, it makes green lines. “I have similar issue on my new iPhone 14 pro max. Received this morning.”

“For me the lines even shown once after I turned on the phone as soon as the apple logo screen appeared. The lines disappeared after 1 second.” “Mine is doing the same thing except it’s a single white line across the screen when waking up the device.”

iPhone 14 horizontal lines upon waking? Fix coming in iOS 16.3

Apple says it’s not a hardware fault Both the original poster and some others in the Reddit post have taken their phones to an Apple Store for diagnostics, and each has been told that there is no hardware fault. Instead, says Apple, it’s an iOS glitch.

“I took it to Apple, and they ran diagnostics, and everything came back fine (green). The technician told me that there isn’t an issue with the hardware, that it has to do the software.”

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iphone 14 horizontal lines upon waking

“Apple support asked to DM and they run tests by taking serial number [to run remote tests] and confirmed its not an hardware issue. “Apple support member said ‘We are aware of the issue and this is due to the drivers […] It’s definitely a software issue and an update is expected to come soon.”

So far, there seems to be no consistent fix available until Apple issues an iOS update to resolve it. Things that people have tried with varying success include. Last month on Reddit, a user handle named “1LastOutlaw,” revealed the sporadic screen glitches on their iPhone 14 Pro, following which a dozen of troubled customers started reporting the same issue.

The issue caused one or more transient green lines to flash across the display upon waking up the device. Going through the Reddit thread, one user shared his concerns on Twitter and claimed to be experiencing the same issue.

iPhone 14 horizontal lines upon waking? Fix coming in iOS 16.3

Apple’s Support page responded to the user’s inquiry, promising to help with the display problem. Additionally, a Reddit user on 1LastOutlaw’s thread asserted that Apple Support had told them the issue is due to a software bug for which a fix is being developed.

Apple has claimed that the problem is being investigated and that a fix will be included in a subsequent iOS update. The tech giant is aware of the horizontal lines issue, and it may soon release iOS 16.2.1 to address it.

Additionally, the company is also working on iOS 16.3 update, which is currently being tested by the beta program participants and developers. Whenever a company announces a new update, several people can be seen reporting a problem.

The OEM then releases another update to fix the flaw. If you are facing any kind of display issue on your iPhone 14 Pro, you are advised to connect with Apple Support and get it resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why are horizontal lines flashing on iPhone 14 Pro?

The flashing of horizontal lines on iPhone 14 Pro was reported by iOS users last month via a Reddit thread. Apple’s investigation status and whether it was a hardware or software problem were both unknown at the time.

Why does my iPhone 14 Pro have green and yellow lines?

According to MacRumors, when the iPhone 14 Pro is turned on, dozens of users have reported that one or more green and yellow lines may flash across the screen before fading a short while later. They claim that Apple Support has told them the problem is a bug in iOS 16, not a hardware flaw.

Is the iPhone 14 display glitch a hardware flaw?

New iPhone 14 glitch! Random horizontal lines displaying on screen on wakeup Users say Apple Support has told them the display problem in the new-gen iPhone models is a bug in iOS 16 and is not a hardware flaw. Some iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users complain about display glitches.

What are some iOS 16 issues on the iPhone 13?

In the meantime, in the recent past, several users of the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 had issues with iOS 16, including screen freezes, green screens, and highlight searches.

Will iOS 16 fix horizontal lines on iPhone 14 Pro?

Most likely, the imminent iOS 16.3 release will fix the horizontal lines bug impacting iPhone 14 Pro users. As MacRumors explains, it wasn’t clear in December whether Apple was planning to fix the bug. Apple Store support staff indicated that an issue with the display’s drivers might cause the horizontal lines to appear.

Is Apple working on a fix for the horizontal lines bug?

01/17 Update: Sources have updated me that Apple is working to have a fix for the horizontal lines bug, which it aims to release in an iOS 16. 2. 1 update as fast as possible. The company is also looking to address several other issues from the iOS 16. 2 release as a priority, but any delay will see them pushed into iOS 16.

Is the iPhone 14 Pro’s Display issue a hardware defect?

Apple seems to have finally addressed the iPhone 14 Pro ‘s display issue, which flashes horizontal lines on the screen when the device is turned on. According to MacRumors, the tech giant has acknowledged the problem, and allayed worries stating it isn’t a hardware defect.

Do you see horizontal lines when you power on your phone?

In an internal Apple memo seen by MacRumors, which I have verified, the company admits that customers may “report that when they power on or unlock their phone, they briefly see horizontal lines flash across the screen.”

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