Free Soler Yojna Modi Sarkar

Jobriyababa in – Free Soler Yojna Modi Sarkar

Jobriyababa in – Free Soler Yojna Modi Sarkar

Free Soler Yojna Modi Sarkar
Free Soler Yojna Modi Sarkar

In an effort to encourage the use of solar energy in India, the Indian government recently implemented the PM Suryodaya Yojana, which places a cap on rooftop solar installation at “1 crore” houses. Every home should have rooftop solar installed as part of this program, which would not only assist to lower high electricity bills but also make India more self-sufficient.

What is the purpose of this solar rooftop initiative?

The purpose of this solar rooftop program is to encourage India to embrace solar energy. Another goal of this project is to equip “1 crore homes” with rooftop solar power. Every home is to have solar panels installed as part of the PM Solar Yojana. In addition, it seeks to give customers with expensive electricity costs a steady supply of power day and night.

How can I apply for the Indian government’s free solar panel scheme?


  1.  You need to go to (National Portal for Rooftop Solar) & register by filling the details.
  2. Login with your registered mobile number and consumer number to apply for the rooftop solar scheme.
  3.  After getting the approval for the rooftop solar power by the DISCOM, the solar panel will be installed by the assigned vendor.
  4. After the installation, submit all the credentials and documents to apply for net metering.
  5.  After the approval of net metering and the installation by the DISCOM, the portal will generate a commissioning report.
  6.  After getting the commissioning report, submit your bank details and a cancelled cheque to the portal. Then your subsidy amount will be transferred in your account within 30 days.

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has announced the launch of PM Free Solar Panel Scheme. Solar panel will provide 1 MW 111 units of energy in 1 year which the energy company will buy for 30 to 40 paise per unit. This will increase the income of every farmer. If you are interested in taking advantage of this scheme, then you can immediately get a solar panel plant installed on the roof of your house through online application.

First of all, you will go to the official website http://solar and keep following your important documents as per its orders. When this application is completed, the subsidy amount will be deposited directly into your account within 30 days of installation of solar panel. Will be done.

Through this scheme, the Government of India will extend the benefits of Free Solar Panel Scheme to 20 lakh farmers across the country. Pradhan Mantri Free Solar Panel Scheme is one such initiative through which the Government of India is trying to provide solar panels to its citizens without any expense. .

The main objective of the scheme is to provide affordable energy to Indian citizens through the use of solar panels. Free Solar Panel Yojana 2023 is an important step to boost energy production, meet the electricity demand and protect the environment.

Under this scheme, the Central Government will give 60% of the total cost of solar pumps as subsidy to the farmers. This scheme has been announced by the Finance Minister while passing the budget of 2023. Pradhan Mantri Suryoday Yojana

Farmers will get two types of benefits from PM Free Solar Panel Scheme. Irrigation pumps running on solar panels will be used instead of diesel pumps. And secondly, the electricity from the solar panels installed by the government can be sold to various companies.

Documents required in PM Free Solar Panel Scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • Ration card
  • bank account passbook
  • passport size photo
  • identity card
  • Land Documents (Agricultural Land Documents)
  • manifesto
  • mobile number

Benefits of Free Solar Panel Yojana 2024

  • Farmers will be able to earn an income of Rs 80 thousand in a year by producing electricity every month using free solar panels.
  • By using solar panels, farmers will be able to save money on diesel and electric pumps.
  • Farmers who had to buy expensive diesel for irrigation through diesel engines, will no longer have to buy expensive diesel
  • because irrigation can be done by running electronic motors through solar energy.
  • Due to solar plant, we will be able to water the crops at the right time, due to which the crop yield will be good.
  • If you buy solar panels under this scheme, its cost can be recovered in 5-6 years by generating electricity.
  • 1 mega watt plant will provide 11 lakh units of energy in 1 year, the energy company formed by you will buy the unit at 30 paise.
  • The scheme will start with building 10,000 MW more plants on land and providing 1.75 million off-grid agricultural solar pumps.
  • Initially, more than 2000000 farmers of our country will be given benefits under the scheme.


In summary
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